Sharon speaks at conferences and events about the future of food, outlining the key global mega-trends that will transform food production, consumption and consumer demand in the years ahead.

Combining her breadth of experience in nutrition across the food sector, with her innate ability to understand consumer behaviour, Sharon shares insights with audiences that will have them well prepared to navigate the future within a changing food business landscape.

Sharon understands the heart of food and the science of nutrition, and is a marketer, communicator, commentator and innovator who draws examples from her diverse background to deliver presentations in a thought provoking and inspirational style.

What sets her apart is her ability to tailor her messages about the future in a way that is meaningful, providing a clear direction forward for those in the business of food.

Sharon presents the business case for future readiness and outlines what to do now to prepare for what comes next.

The business and provenance of food is undergoing rapid change. Increasing consumer expectations linked to the way food is grown, produced and consumed continue to put increasing pressure on companies to innovate, engage and demonstrate greater responsibility and integrity. A noisy and increasingly fragmented market with greater competition is making it difficult to be heard and more challenging for brands to stand out. This shift in consumer values is creating significant threats while opening new opportunities, for those in the business of food. 

In her latest book, Food for a Better Future, Sharon outlines the three essential ingredients food businesses need to be future ready. Order your copy here.

You can also request a copy of Sharon's white papers here.

Sharon works with leadership, marketing and innovation teams in the food sector to help them prepare for a healthier and more sustainable future. As an expert in nutrition and an experienced communicator she offers a number of programs to assist businesses connect with the emerging, more conscious consumer. Her ‘Food Philosophy’ program is run with leadership teams as a strategic activity that assists clients tell better stories about their food.

Her ‘Trend Connections’ and ‘Mediocre to Meaningful’ programs help teams connect consumer trends with product claims, content and communication strategies.

These programs assist food businesses identify untapped opportunities from existing products, fill their product development pipeline with innovative new ideas, build higher value products and get ideas to market faster.

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