Leader as Influencer

Over the next 3 years, spending by Millennials is predicted to more than double, and with market research showing 70% are willing to pay more for food produced responsibly, food providers with a point of view about the future, clear actions and a well articulated voice will be well positioned for long term success. Establishing a view point that outlines your beliefs and values, and developing commitments that demonstrate these in the market, differentiates your brand for consumers, highlights what you stand for and creates greater brand meaning in turn assisting to more easily meet business related KPI's.   

As a result of this program, you will:

  • More effectively build trust and loyalty with customers, communities and stakeholders

  • Make quicker and better decisions

  • Have greater confidence and clarity when developing marketing and innovation strategies

  • Enhance long term sales and business success.

  • Build your share of voice in the market.

Please get in touch for further details and to find out how the program can be tailored to meet your needs.Trend Connections -

Trend Connections

Getting consumers to LOVE your brand!

Elevate the confidence of innovation and marketing teams and bring ideas to market faster by maintaining awareness of the latest health and nutrition trends while enhancing levels of understanding about how to effectively apply them to brand strategy.  Now more than ever food businesses need to be experts in food. To resonate with consumers and apply trends effectively and efficiently in practise, those working at the coal face need to be ahead of the curve, and health and wellness is one of the biggest opportunities for connecting with consumers in a meaningful way. A program of quarterly workshops on food, health and nutrition trends of relevance to your business will not only keep your teams informed of the latest insights, they will gain confidence about how to apply these to current and future projects to ensure ideas are not only noted, but are leveraged to support sales and category growth.

As a result of this program your team will:
• Have clarity around food, health and nutrition trends and insights that provide the greatest opportunity for growing your brands.
• Have confidence to apply insights accurately and with relevance to current and future projects.
• Have a suite of innovative ideas for the product development pipeline and for use in content marketing.

Please get in touch for further details and to find out how the program can be tailored to meet your needs.

Thanks for your work on the Australian sweet potato campaign launch, Sharon… we couldn’t have done it without your input on the health trends data and their application.

Monique Emmi, Marketing Manager, Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited