Mindful Ways to Reduce Festive 'Stuffocation'

As we reel towards the end of the year and start thinking about 2018, connecting with a more mindful consumer will likely be one of your top priorities.

Festive food by Brooke Lark.jpg

And what better way to prepare for this shift in the market, than to practice your own mindful consumption habits.

The midst of the festive season provides the perfect opportunity to try this out while also helping reduce the risk of festive 'stuffocation' - a condition that leads to New Year's resolutions that can be hard to keep!

 Here are 7 eating tips to try out over the last two weeks of 2017 to help you adopt the persona of 2018's 'mindful consumer':

 1. Use a smaller plate. Putting food on a smaller plate gives the illusion you're eating more than you actually are, helping you feel satisfied with less.

2. Chew more. Research shows doubling the number of times you chew reduces kilojoule intake by 15%.

3. Stand away from the food table. Putting in an effort to walk to get food means you're less susceptible to mindless grazing.

4. Eat with attention. Focus on what you are eating, the taste, smell and texture and notice when you feel satisfied - then stop.

5. Be an epicurean eater. Select food using a filter of sensory and symbolic value - only eat those foods that make it to the top of your value list.

6. Sip don't gulpResearch shows sipping rather than gulping can reduce the amount you consume by around 30%. 

7. Pleasure is higher when size is lower. When it comes to foods we eat for pleasure, like Christmas cake and pork crackling, a smaller serving size has been shown to provide a more satisfying experience. Serve yourself less, savour and enjoy.

Whatever this festive season holds for you, no doubt food will be playing a central role. To celebrate without the side effects of 'stuffocation', select quality over quantity and enjoy slowing down while sharing and enjoying fresh local food with great company.