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Driving consumers food purchasing decisions in 2019 - from 'manager' to 'activist'

  • Melbourne Australia (map)
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In 2019, food marketing will move from being ‘managed’ to being lead by brand ‘activists’.

Rather than following trends, it will be those that take a stand around what goes into their food, what’s left out, how it’s made, by who and the system from where it comes that will create their own path forward, develop more meaningful connections with consumers and as a result, drive future food purchasing decisions.

Research shows that brands considered more meaningful are 137% more likely to meet key business KPI’s, gain 9x the share of a consumers wallet and increase brand advocacy and loyalty leading to stronger sales over the long term.

Find out what it takes to move from ‘manager’ to ‘activist’ in this half day, hands on workshop for food marketers.

Location and booking details coming soon. In the meantime, to express interest in reserving your spot, please contact me directly.