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Trend Connections - How to Get Consumers to LOVE Your Brand

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Consumer trends provide ideas for innovation year on year however to be future ready, brands need to develop a tribe of loyal followers by standing for something more. Having a vision, values and voice that connects brand beliefs to the food related issues consumers really care about drives growth by double the market average.

As a keynote speaker at the Food SA Summit - Change, Challenge and Opportunity, Sharon will be sharing her insights and outlining a strategy for those in the business of food to connect their brand to consumers in a way that will drive future growth, build brand leadership and forge long term customer loyalty.

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The Power of Food to Influence the Future - key note address

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The way food is produced and consumed has a powerful influence on the future of population and planetary health, two areas of high level concern to consumers. As consumer expectations continue to grow around the role food businesses play in creating a better future, opportunity exists to create meaningful connections with consumers by leading change in these areas.

This keynote address at the AIFST Convention- Feeding the Future - Challenges & Opportunities, will focus on how food businesses can be future ready by elevating their thought leadership around the health and nutritional aspects of food in a way that creates future business resilience.

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Connecting with the More Conscious Consumer - 3 Essential Ingredients to Accelerate Trust and Build Future Relevance

From demanding greater transparency to using less plastic, eating more plant foods and striving for cleaner labels, consumers are increasingly thinking about the impact of their buying and eating habits on both their personal health and that of the planet. As sustainability takes centre stage, preferences are increasingly shifting toward brands that can genuinely demonstrate they share the food related values consumers really care about.

For food marketers and innovators, this shift provides significant opportunities for connecting to consumers in a meaningful way, therefore building trust, loyalty and ultimately growing market share. But how do you get started? Product reformulation, clean labels, and transparency are only part of the answer. The key question is how do you stay ahead of the competition and with so many choices, how do you decide what to do next? This webinar will provide answers to all of these questions and will provide you with insights in this rapidly growing area of food marketing and innovation.

Join Sharon on 15 May at 11am AEST.

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When: May 15, 2019 11:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney 
Price - $32 USD / $45 AUD 
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The Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit – Milan


Sharon will be speaking at the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan from 6-9 May 2019. She will be joining entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and teenovators exploring real solutions at every point in the global food chain to work toward building a better tomorrow.

Date: Monday 6 May at 2pm.

Sharon will be presenting in the session “No alternative: why we need the foods of the future”.

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The Future for Ultra-Processed Foods - Webinar

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Hosted by SmartShape, this webinar will address some of the big questions around the future of ultra-processed foods including:

  • What is the true health impact of ultra-processed foods are they the real dietary enemy?

  • What exactly defines a processed or ultra-processed food? 

  • Should dietary guidelines specifically target ultra-processed foods?

  • How can we best talk to consumers about food processing?

  • And how is industry responding to consumer concerns about processing?

Sharon will specifically address:

  • Consumers' evolving definition of 'healthy' food

  • 'Positively processed' versus negatively processed

  • How food companies are responding

  • The future for ultra-processed foods

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