Food Businesses as Leaders of Change - creating resilience in times of disruption

In a noisy and competitive world, disrupted by technology and threatened with greater regulation, it will be food businesses that can connect with consumers through genuinely shared values that will prosper and thrive.  This presentation outlines the food related issues consumers really care about and shows why food businesses that can lead change in each of these areas will create greater consumer connections and by doing so, will become more meaningful. Being meaningful matters as meaningful brands outperform the stock market by double over a 10 year period, achieve 9x the share of a consumers wallet and increase their key performance indicators by 137%. By genuinely connecting with consumers changing values those in the business of food will build resilience, gain consumer trust, make faster and better decisions and create a strong brand voice that will drive business growth in the decade ahead.

Our Evolving Definition of ‘Healthy’

Research shows 83% of global consumers consider diet and nutrition important to their wellbeing meaning food products that offer a health and wellness benefit continue to capture an increasingly greater share of the global food market.  While reducing fat, salt and sugar are often the focus of reformulation efforts to make foods ‘healthier’, consumers are now expecting more. This presentation provides Sharon’s key insights around the changing definition of what it means for foods to be considered ‘healthy’ and how this evolution will influence the future of food marketing and production.  It provides strategies for how food businesses can best tap into and apply these insights to get to market faster, grow consumer trust and loyalty and remain competitive in today’s constantly changing market.

Food for a Better Future - a new direction for the global business of food

Emerging consumer values are mobilizing a shift in the drivers of food purchasing decisions. Food businesses seeking growth in the decades ahead now need to do more than simply ask consumers what they want and deliver to their needs. An imperative exists to develop and articulate a vision for the future of food, to understand the role a company plays in this vision and to make public commitments about what it is a business stands for. This presentation provides a roadmap for creating a business vision for the future of food, where marketing and innovation teams not only elevate the health and environmental aspects of food, but also gain an understanding of the opportunities that exist in acknowledging cultural diversity and social connectedness as critical ingredients in the relationship humans have with food. Benefits for brands and a way forward for food businesses looking to create a better future through the way food is produced, marketed and sold are highlighted.

“I have heard Sharon speak numerous times. She is able to create clarity and communicate concepts in a way that resonates with the audience ... an experienced and highly capable speaker.”

Derek Lath, Institutional Affairs Director, Ferrero Australia

"Thanks Sharon - an excellent, forward thinking and case study presentation to a packed session."

Convenor, AIFST, The Future of Food Convention

"Thank you for presenting to our egg industry forum. Your presentation was very well received by the audience and we’ve received a significant amount of positive feedback."

Kai Ianssen, Communication Manager, Australian Eggs