The values driving consumers food purchasing decisions are shifting. Health & wellness, social impact and transparency have risen to be equally important as taste, price and convenience.

To remain relevant in the years ahead, those in the business of food will need to know how to effectively connect with these changing consumer values.

In her presentations, Sharon delivers her insights about how food businesses can  prepare for future growth by adopting a values lead approach centred on their food.

Topics Sharon speaks on include:

  • Food for a Better Future - a new direction for the global business of food
  • The Evolving Definition of 'Healthy'
  • Trends and the Future Consumer

The business and provenance of food is undergoing rapid change. Increasing consumer expectations linked to the way food is grown, produced and consumed continue to put increasing pressure on companies to innovate, engage and demonstrate greater responsibility and integrity. A noisy and increasingly fragmented market with greater competition is making it difficult to be heard and more challenging for brands to stand out. This shift in consumer values is creating significant threats while opening new opportunities, for those in the business of food. 

In her latest book, Food for a Better Future, Sharon outlines the three essential ingredients food businesses need to be future ready. Order your copy here.

You can also request a copy of Sharon's white papers here.

Sharon provides advisory services to food businesses and speaks to teams about the future of food.  She runs programs to help food businesses develop their leadership position in the market through the creation of their own vision for food and associated food values and philosophy. This enables her clients to create more meaningful connections with consumers, supports greater brand loyalty and develops stronger team engagement.

Sharon also develops and presents programs and workshops on how to connect with a more mindful consumer, deepening your teams understanding and awareness of future food trends and health and nutrition insights influencing the future consumer. 



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